Real Estate Marketing Tips

When was the last time you actually followed up with your contacts? Prosperous real estate agents not only send out frequent (e.g. month-to-month) newsletters, but likewise make personal contact with their very best referral partners and past customers. It is a tough market place at this time. Listed here are real estate marketing tips to get back in touch with your sphere of influence.

Publish a month to month newsletter – In case you do not offer a month to month newsletter, you should commit to starting one. Try to put yourself in the audience’s shoes – what exactly would they be interested to read about? Mortgage rates? Securing a loan? Main construction in your neighborhood? Issues with pests? Ways to raise the value of their house? Promotional offers from nearby businesses? You will find so many ideas you’ll be able to use, but you have to commit to getting started with your estate marketing, and taking action.

You should invite one former customer for lunch or coffee every week – NAR statistics show that about 80% of clients say they would use their agent again but only about 10% do. Why? Because brokers are not staying in touch. Determine who your very best referral associates are – who’s sent you the most prospects? Did you thank them and shown your appreciation lately?

Try to establish business referral partners – Who exactly in your contacts is in a position to send you referrals but hasn’t yet? Search for individuals who aren’t direct rivals (e.g. other agents) like mortgage brokers, appraisers, attorneys, movers, etc. Now, how do you start building relationships with some of them so they actually do refer you people? Monitor the local paper for reports about their company?

You should hold a function – You don’t have to wait till the holidays to hold a VIP celebration for your best customers and referral associates. If you speak with your sphere of influence and find some have similar questions, are you able to make a conference or even tele-seminar event to reply to their inquiries? You should also think about setting up a real estate marketing blog. Interact with non-active prospective customers – Check back in with all those folks who actually dropped off your radar. Email them or leave a voice mail. Are they still interested in selling or buying? That is what real estate marketing is all about!